Here at Get Lost Cycling, our workshop is our centerpiece. At the heart of our store is a purpose-built bicycle workshop that integrates over a decades worth of industry knowledge into its design.

We are fully equipped to handle any challenge that's thrown at us, from a simple puncture repair through to complex overhauls. With a full range of specialist tools, years of collective experience and an in-depth knowledge of modern bikes and componentry, there's nothing we can't fix.

Well-tuned suspension is crucial to keeping your bike rubber-side down. At Get Lost Cycling we not only service suspension, we also have the tools and expertise to get it tuned for you and your riding style.

They say a worker is only as good as their tools. Fortunately we've invested in quality tools from day one and can approach any job with the knowledge that we have the right tool for the application.

Mountain bikes are getting more and more capable to meet the challenges of modern trails. Frequently servicing your bike not only keeps it safe but also saves as you money as issues can be addressed before things start to wear out.

We're big believers in servicing and repairing where possible, rather than simply replacing parts as they break.